Cynthia Winton-Henry

Cynthia Winton-Henry

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Appointment with Cynthia
Facetime/phone at 510-814-9584,
Whats app is also available.

Dance Chapel

Dance Chapel
The Dance Chapel uses one meeting link every week.

Meeting ID: 713 101 8998
Passcode: chapel

As the co-founder of InterPlay, Phil and I created InterPlay to be inclusive of body, mind, heart and spirit. not as a spiritual practice. However, I created chapel for we who need to breathe, move, pray, connect to body wisdom in poetry, and dance on behalf of one another. At this time, I tend the chapel separately from Body Wisdom, Inc.

Chapel Times

Bring a candle, your breath, and love.

Monday at 4:30 pm pst with Cynthia Winton-Henry
Tuesday at 9:30 am pst with Rehana Tejpar: Moving with the Divine Feminine.
Tuesday 4:30 pm pst with Monisha Mittal- Center in Divine Poetry
Wednesday 9:30 with Marla Durden, Soul Space
Wednesday 4:30 pm pst The Dancing Hand with Ruth Showalter
Thursday 9:30 am pst Chapel with Nancy Pfaltzgraf and Jane Siarny

Retreat Space

Retreat Space
Reserve a quiet space away for reading, writing, art, and reflection. Optional coaching/spiritual direction available. Suggested Donation- 25-100 per 4 hour slot.
Directions 4025 New York Ave